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The Pure in Heart (Ep 2)

May 19, 2020 by: Ryan Joki| Series: The Beatitudes

Who would you consider to be the fortunate in life? Is it those who are born into wealth and privilege? Is it those born with the innate ability to entertain millions while accumulating great riches? Are they those who can transform society with their great minds? Or are they merely those who have a good job, good health, and people who love them?

This is a question that Pastor Ryan is currently exploring over a series of messages on a section of Scripture known as “The Beatitudes.” In this passage, Jesus describes those whom He considers to be the truly fortunate, and the list He comes up with is unlike anything we would ever imagine. In the sixth characteristic in this list, Jesus states that the pure in heart are blessed: “for they shall see God.” In yesterday’s message, Pastor Ryan explained that “to see God” is the very highest blessing that God can offer, since to be in the presence of God is to be in presence of goodness itself – the very source of every good and perfect thing. So then, why will God bestow this blessing on the pure in heart? And what does it even mean to be “pure in heart?” Pastor Ryan explains in DAY TWO of the following message entitled – “The Pure in Heart.”